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Shenzhen Fu Hongxing Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the development of electronic cooling product design, manufacturing, processing and sales of high-tech enterprises; founded in 2006, with advanced equipment, perfect management, excellent quality , excellent service, continuous improvement, business development very rapidly, from just five workers from a small workshop legendary camel grown to more than 300 modern enterprise; and in 2010 annexation of Taiwan-funded enterprises 'Xiang Yu Technology', the scale of production further expand and upgrade the technical level.

Hongxing good fortune has rich experience in production and R & D, with a fluid simulation capability is a professional supplier; company now has a production base in the independent hospital standard plant, with CNC machining centers, welding furnaces, heat pipe testing equipment and a variety of models the punch, grinding, drilling, milling, cutting and other machining equipment. In order to achieve the quality and stability of qualified, the company has a projector, pull force test machine, measurement platforms, three dollars and other sophisticated equipment; has production and assembly of all types of high-end heat sink and radiator comprehensive ability. Our company is mainly engaged in the professional manufacturer of electronic products and industrial radiator; main types of products, including aluminum extrusion type radiators, copper and aluminum radiators riveting, Skived Fin radiator; product range, wide application coverage, manufacturing expertise of the strong.

Professional R & D team, comprehensive solutions, stable quality output, has won domestic electronics manufacturers praise outside; based professional manufacturer in the field, is committed to making fine Seiko heat transfer process innovation and continuous product innovation, manufacturing a world-class product and service quality, through the never-ending quest to become a world-class industry leading manufacturers is our relentless pursuit.

Our main production base is located in Mainz Tian Po Industrial Zone Komeito town of Shenzhen, close to the south light-speed (Komeito Village exit), GS (Newbridge exit) transportation is very convenient.

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